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Are you utilising the potential of print media?

Over the last few years, print has been challenged by the world of internet marketing. Businesses have been attracted to the seemingly lower costs and internet advertising’s wide reach. However, many have now come to the conclusion that there is in fact a place for both to sit side-by-side and actually complement each other as print is still a valuable marketing tool to ensure your reach is as effective as possible.

Are you utilising the potential of print media?

Despite the talk of a paperless world, print is still a massive part of day-to-day business and home life. With the right printed materials and the right design, you can make your company stand out. Whether it’s business cards and stationery, eye-catching brochures and reports, or displays and advertising campaigns, Creative Orange can ensure your business makes the most of its print potential.

An important part of any company’s marketing plan, print media can cover a wide range of effective items, from flyers to banners. Plus it can make the most of a huge choice of different material stock, inks and finishes for different effects – everything from high-quality paper with spot varnishes for company reports to plastic and fabric for display materials and campaigns. The print possibilities for innovative marketing are endless.

Our design for print services include:
  • Branded stationery
  • Company brochures
  • Promotional leaflets and flyers
  • Annual reports and branded business reports
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Exhibition materials including banner stands and roll-up/pop-up banners

Your company look needs to be consistent - from the smallest printed item, like your business card, through to largest, such as your exhibition stands - keeping your message clear and corporate identity strong.

Your business card is usually your first point of customer contact - make sure it looks good.

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