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Does your brand stand out?

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Does your brand stand out?

Does your brand stand out in an over crowded marketplace? In order to ensure your brand is noticed you have to be sure that it stands for something.

What makes your brand different from other brands around? What makes your message more important than everyone else's?

Your brand’s image is what gives your brand strength. Consider the supermarkets below and think of what each brand stands for in:

  • Aldi
  • Marks & Spencer
  • Tesco

    Each name has their own position within the marketplace. Aldi represents the inexpensive choice. Marks & Spencer is the high end brand, and Tesco is the middle of the road choice. Each supermarket strength comes from how the brand is perceived within the minds of the consumers.

    Consider this... where is your brand is positioned? What is your brand’s unique selling point? Make your brand distinctive or you run the risk of being lost in an over crowded market.

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