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Are you projecting a professional image?

Your marketing materials speak volumes about your business. It is vitally important to ensure that your materials are consistent in style, colour and visual appearance. If they aren’t then you run the risk of projecting a poor image to your customers which can be more harmful than you think! Working with Creative Orange will ensure that you are sending out a consistent and professional image to your customers.

Are you projecting a professional image?

All your company marketing materials - from stationery, brochures and website through to exhibition displays and branded delivery vans - need to promote a clear, recognisable image to existing and potential customers. And that’s not just a question of having the right brand design to start with, it’s also down to ensuring your branded materials are consistent in style and look across all media and communication channels.

Here at Creative Orange, we can work with you to make sure you have a consistent visual style across all your branded marketing materials, so it all looks part of the same brand.

You want to ensure:
  • Your logo is used consistently across print and online materials, in set sizes and clearly defined colours
  • You are using the same colour palette on all materials
  • Your fonts and typography are consistent
  • Any social media marketing you do is branded in the same style
  • The style of photography used across all materials is uniform
  • Company contact details are consistent on stationery and points of contact
  • The tone of voice used in all copy is consistent

Businesses can benefit from developing guidelines clearly setting out their style. Depending on your company needs, these can be anything from a short guide to how the logo has to be used to in-depth guidelines covering all aspects of visual style and tone of voice. It all helps keep your corporate branding consistently strong and effective.

First impressions last, so make sure you’re projecting the right image first time ...and every time!

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