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The psychology of colour

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The psychology of colour

What colours you use can have a impact on how we feel and react towards a brand's image. The use of consistent colours throughout your marketing materials creates a familiar look as those colours become identifiable as part of your brand style. The psychology behind colour choice can send certain messages and increase customer interest. Here are the feelings we get when viewing certain colours, this should hopefully help you make the right colour choice to associate with your brand.

Bright, lively, cheerful, light, curious, playful, nutritious, eye-catching

Creative, welcoming, excited, communicative, inspiring, warm, helpful, friendly

Powerful, romantic, seductive, passionate, commanding, alert, rebellious, fiery

Intelligent, artistic, luxurious, royal, fantastic, melancholic, feminine, solemn

Reliable, honest, patient, natural, adventurous, relaxed, athletic, balanced

Peaceful, formal, trustworthy, reliable, determined, educated, clean, technical

Formal, powerful, serious, conservative, sophisticated, conventional, mysterious

Pure, clean, new, innocent, simple, safety, spiritual, united, neutral, positive


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